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Our legacy began in the 1980s with our grandad working as Head Chef at the Angus Steak House in Victoria. Years later, our dad eventually took over the role of Head Chef. Then he'd decided to open a Cafe Bistro in Essex following the birth of his triplets. To balance his work and private life hours, he'd decided to move from restaurant to bistro. The bistro became highly successful, inspiring him to open a second branch. Growing up, we were helping out in the kitchen and floor, and the bistro became our playground & home. Our passion for the hospitality business quickly grew, and soon enough, we were ready to continue what the man himself had started. 
The name Lovage comes from the love we grow towards our craft, and it is the name of a plant that was intensely grown in Northwest Italy and used for detoxing. Today, Lovage is a symbol of love, pureness and peacefulness.

Today, Lovage is at your doorstep.

Welcome to Lovage. 


Our Kitchen

A harmonious blend of modern and refined, combining the comfort of traditional home-cooking with the artistry of modern cuisine. The food is prepared with care and passion, utilizing fresh and locally sourced ingredients to create dishes that are full of flavour and character. Each dish is thoughtfully crafted with an emphasis on balance, texture, and presentation. The menu often features classic French dishes with a contemporary twist, as well as a variety of Mediterranean and American-inspired options.

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